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Our Virtual Art Classes follow the mentality of growth. Art, like anything else, is a skill. Through patience, dedication, and hard work, this skill can grow. Monart School of Art Texas has spent the last twelve years taking over two thousand students on this journey of growth, and now we want to bring this same journey to students all over the world through our Virtual Art Classes.

How does it work?

We have two tiers of Virtual Art Classes, our 60 Minute Virtual Art Classes, and our 90 Minute Virtual Art Classes. When you sign up for a class, you are signing up for four weeks worth of classes. Because we like to get as creative as possible and show our students the possibility of art, not the limitations, we will be sending you the supplies you need to succeed in our Virtual Art Classes. 

Our 60 Minute Virtual Art Classes focus on showing students the foundations of art and the possibility of each different media form. Each week our students will create a new piece of art. Our 90 Minute Virtual Art Classes focus on a specific subject. We go in-depth and focus on creating one to two pieces of art per month. Select the class that suits you best. We look forward to having you in our class.

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