Weekly Virtual Art Class - Watercolors - Ages 6+

Weekly Virtual Art Class - Watercolors - Ages 6+


Starting March 5th, every Friday, from 5:15 PM to 6:45 PM, we will have our Virtual Watercolor class! This virtual art class is intended for students ages 6+ and is meant to show students how to create Watercolor inspired art. Students will learn how to understand and apply color theory, learn blending techniques, basic control of watercolors, and more.


When you sign up for this virtual art class, you are signing up for seven weeks of virtual art classes. You will receive a supply kit containing everything you need for the month and more. This is a monthly subscription so we will be checking in on your child's progress and refilling your supplies as you need them!


All classes are conducted through Zoom and taught by Ms. Daisy. Ms. Daisy has over fifteen years of teaching experience and has taught over a hundred zoom classes. Our virtual art classes are set up so that students get a direct view of Ms. Daisy's work. Virtual Art Classes are live and students are encouraged to ask as many questions as they need to succeed.


*This particular month is structured a little differently. There will be no class on March 12 or March 19. This set of classes will continue until the end of April

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$135.38monthly/ auto-renew

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